A love affair with color

Whether it’s a watercolor or an iPad drawing, I find I can’t play favorites. No matter what I’m drawing I need ALL the colors.

A love affair with color

A love affair with color
will never leave you sad.
I’ve been with pink, I’ve been with green,
so many hues I’ve had!

Have an orgy mixing shades
but watch out for the grue.
That’s where some cultures see a green
where you and I see blue.

For logic is a butterfly,
a fuzzy one at that.
And all the options multiply,
the closer that you get.

A simple crystal bending light
will make a rainbow grow.
Don’t waste your life in black and white
if you would pleasure know!

Anyone curious about the word ‘grue’, see the works of Nelson Goodman, especially the “new riddle of induction”.
and my best regards to  W.B. Yeats and the Isla Vista underpass.