Laureate at leisure

So, who is the Poolside Laureate?

She’s a dreamer lying in a lounge chair, composing immortal verse. Picture a little paper umbrella in that drink beside her on the deck table. 

This blog began as a repository for a large body of light verse that I can’t seem to put an end to. Rhyming couplets spring to life uninvited, usually while I’m out walking, and I follow them to see where they go. You’ll find these under The Sidewalk Poems. 

10 thoughts on “Laureate at leisure

  1. Els teus poemes flueixen lleugers com les teves aquarel·les … l’idioma no m’ha suposat cap impediment per entendre’ls i sentir-los. M’agrada!

  2. Melanie, m’han encantat el teus poemes. No sabia el que venia a trobar dins del teu blog, i he de dir que – com sempre- m’has sorprés agradablement.

    1. Thanks Josep! Let me know if you know anybody who wants to buy a jewel ;-)

      1. Thank you kindly, I hope I don’t disappoint. I am Welsh & bilingual too – just wish I could boast Dylan Thomas et al in my lineage, but sadly that isn’t so.

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