Hasta siempre

I stayed up late last night, letting Chavela sing to me. And made my peace with her departure, coming up with these words:

Hoy la noche es más negra.
Pero no da miedo.
Una voz de hollín me susurra
y guía mis pasos hacía el campo santo.

¡Mirad, cuántas velas!

Hasta siempre, Chavela.

María Isabel Anita Carmen de Jesús Vargas Lizano
April 17, 1919 – August 5, 2012

Unknown Disorder

One morning on the way to the office I saw a banner hanging from a lamp post that said: Unknown Disorder. It made me think of the way I am filled with poetry as I walk… and suddenly I was back in a highschool English class learning the names of figures of speech.

Unknown Disorder

I have an unknown disorder,
a type of poetry.
Susceptible to metaphor,
sometimes, synecdoche.

A simile can be an axe,
but with a sharper blade.
Who takes the part to mean the whole
by words may be betrayed.

A hand in marriage does not mean
a heart and soul for life.
Nor “silver sails all out of the west”
prove ships are just in sight.

The sweetest words need grains of salt;
Don’t take them literally.
Be on your guard for metaphor
and shun synecdoche!

A love affair with color

Whether it’s a watercolor or an iPad drawing, I find I can’t play favorites. No matter what I’m drawing I need ALL the colors.

A love affair with color

A love affair with color
will never leave you sad.
I’ve been with pink, I’ve been with green,
so many hues I’ve had!

Have an orgy mixing shades
but watch out for the grue.
That’s where some cultures see a green
where you and I see blue.

For logic is a butterfly,
a fuzzy one at that.
And all the options multiply,
the closer that you get.

A simple crystal bending light
will make a rainbow grow.
Don’t waste your life in black and white
if you would pleasure know!

Anyone curious about the word ‘grue’, see the works of Nelson Goodman, especially the “new riddle of induction”.
and my best regards to  W.B. Yeats and the Isla Vista underpass.


This one came to me one morning as I was flat on my back doing my just-out-of-the-shower daily stretch routine. So it started before I even made it to the sidewalk!


Right knee to breast, feel the strain.
Now, the left. The pain, again.
Right leg up, to point and flex.
Once, a dancer. Now, an ex- .

Lift both legs and circle feet,
first outside, and then in.
Clench your buttocks fifty times,
then do it all again.

Work against the gravity.
Envision strength and grace.
Not Hercules, but Sisyphus,
knows the task I face!