The first Sidewalk Poem

This poem came to me in the 30 minutes between leaving my flat and arriving at the office. I realized that as soon as I’d noticed some detail, some sight that caught my eye, I began to chain together words to describe what I’d seen.

I string a new necklace

I string a new necklace each day as I walk on my way to the office or just down the block.

The beads and the jewels are the things that I see. From those of this morning I'll just give you three:

Water pooled on the flagstones, a mother of three, (she was starved with their breeding; it was easy to see),

young man in a pink shirt -- long-sleeved, nicely pressed -- (I wish that I'd been there to watch as he dressed!)

The images grip me; They drive me to verse. Not much of a rhyme scheme, But it could have been worse.

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