Pink Glass in the Gutter

This is the 2nd Sidewalk Poem. I was walking to work on the morning after one of the recent mass protests that are being provoked by our current economic and political instability. As I passed an area that had been filled with protestors the morning before, I saw a pink plastic tumbler lying in the gutter, and this is what came out.

Pink Glass in the Gutter

A pink glass in the gutter
is all that’s left of you.
The party’s long been over
and you and I are through.

A pink glass in the gutter…
you could have been much more.
Somebody should have told you
I don’t drink cheap liquor anymore.

That glass? A car just smashed it
to lovely smithereens.
You took my love and trashed it.
At least that’s how it seems.

I’m having champagne breakfast
on a terrace in the square.
Your best friend’s about to join me.
Sorry babe, what’s fair is fair.

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