Nothing to Lose

This past Chistmas I got a pair of red Converse high-tops (just what I’d asked for). They feel great, support my feet and ankles and weigh almost nothing. And then come those moments of doubt when I look down and see them standing out at the end of my jeans… should I be wearing these at my age??? What do people think?

So the only way to find out is to wear them. I have a red leather jacket (Santa lets me choose),  and one fine spring morning I marched off to work wearing them both.

Red Jacket

My jacket is red
and so are my shoes.
I’m over the hill,
I’ve got nothing to lose.

Who cares if they laugh?
To play is the thing.
Fashion’s my servant,
but never my king.

I feel taller and faster,
and stronger this way,
than constrained by high heels
or a tight skirt sashay.

I’m not a trend-setter,
don’t get me wrong.
I’m just not like the others,
I don’t wear a thong.
They don’t suit my figure,
they’re a pain in the ass.
My lingerie’s hand-sewn.
(This lady’s got class!)

I dash past coolhunters
at each traffic light,
and leave them to wonder
what I wear at night.

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