After a zillion years of creative activity, I’m finally putting it out there for the rest of you to enjoy. I’m both a writer and a painter (as well as working a day job, let’s not kid ourselves).

This blog is for fun. Mistakes are allowed! It’s home to a recent series of poems that have composed themselves as I walk. The first line or couplet just shows up uninvited as I notice some detail around me, and off we go. Click here to read the first of The Sidewalk Poems, and enjoy your stroll. You never know what you might find.

So, who is the Poolside Laureate?

She’s a dreamer lying in a lounge chair, composing immortal verse. Picture a little paper umbrella in that drink beside her on the deck table. A dear friend of mine came up with her name back in the days when we were classmates at UCSB. We took our poetry very seriously back then, (except for those St. Patrick’s Day limericks which I will not reproduce here!). Why be serious? Time for fun.


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  1. Els teus poemes flueixen lleugers com les teves aquarel·les … l’idioma no m’ha suposat cap impediment per entendre’ls i sentir-los. M’agrada!

  2. Melanie, m’han encantat el teus poemes. No sabia el que venia a trobar dins del teu blog, i he de dir que – com sempre- m’has sorprés agradablement.

      • Thank you kindly, I hope I don’t disappoint. I am Welsh & bilingual too – just wish I could boast Dylan Thomas et al in my lineage, but sadly that isn’t so.

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